NATURTRAP diffuser of liquid fertilizers. Capsicum oleoresin repellent that affects the nasal and ocular tracts of rodents.

Until now, there are few solutions that exist to combat populations of global rodents such as rabbits, hares, moles, wild boar, roe deer in our crops. One of the most used solutions is the direct application of the chemical phytosanitary repellent. However, its application is constantly reduced by weather conditions; for example:

The application of the repellent on a sunny day, on a rainy day or with humidity. The action of the liquid will be lower; since the liquids exposed to high temperatures evaporate or with rain and humidity are lost, affecting directly the effectiveness of this one, generating losses to the producer with double work.


Our new NATURTRAP rodent repellent device offers a simple solution to protect our crops from these rodents. Its installation is very easy and it is compatible and fillable with any other liquid repellent that is on the market.

Its operation is by evaporation, to be introduced into the interior of the earth, leaving outside only the diffuser mouth. Thanks to its design, the anti-rodent fluid does not lose efficiency, nor is it affected by adverse weather conditions. Constantly maintaining a repellent odor throughout our crop. Moving the animal plague to other places. Its packaging is manufactured to be very durable, allowing hundreds of uses and recharges. One liter capacity.

Use advice: One diffuser per 30 m². For prevention 50 m².

  • This is a own and patented model that only NATURTRAP can sell. If you are a distributor, please contact us.

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