The NATURTRAP Sheet trap have a common similarity with the rest of the market traps, but they are very different. The differences of our traps are in the size, material and the natural origin adhesive, but with enormous effectiveness and durability. They are laminated with plastic coating that can withstand adverse weather conditions.

They measure 12×30 cm and are usually 10×25 cm as standard mesure. We cover the entire adhesive trap without leaving unused spaces, leaving 2 to 3 cm at the top of the trap to hang it.

The most important thing in this prodcut is the adhesive. Our adhesive is a very resistant adhesive. Made of natural assets, without chemicals, madeing it withstand high temperatures without dripping, which allows monitoring and observation of trapped insects. It is waterproof and does not lose effectiveness when it gets wet. It reactivates with heat, so the adhesive takes more strength and body once hung.

Protection 24 h.

We have two types of sheets; the standard and the night line that has attached a fluorescent material that is recharged with exposure to natural or electric light

During the night, the dim light that breaks off, it continues to protect the plant with zero energy costs, and without altering the flowering process, or stressing our crop. The dim light, although durable, is limited to the perimeter space of the plant, without attracting insects from other crops.

All the sheets are wrapped together in a non-stick paraffin paper without any chemical process, suitable for food. The sheets can easily be separated from one another without the need for a separating paper, since they are not thermo-sealed with a thermo-melting process with a chemical adhesive.

For monitoring purposes, the recommended dose is 5 traps per 1,000 m². When the traps are intended to contribute to the control in conflicting points (that is, mass capture), use 1 trap per 20 m², up to a maximum of 1 trap per 2 m².

They should be placed in the highest attack risk areas. If, given their effectiveness, a significant number of parasites are captured, the traps must be replaced. Indicated mainly for the capture of White Fly and Aphids.

At the moment available in yellow and blue chromatic colors.

– Next incorporation of black sheets: Indicated mainly for the capture of Tuta Absoluta (Tomato Miner) and Red Sheets: Indicated mainly for the capture of Empoasca Vitis (Green Mosquito).

  • This is a own and patented model that only NATURTRAP can sell. If you are a distributor, please contact us.
  • We sell polyethylene sheets with natural adhesive. Of 10 x 25 cm. in chromatic colors with night line or without it. Check minimum order conditions.

Avaliable in five colours

Avaliable in yellow, blue, red and black

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