NATURTRAP is an innovative company that arises from the awareness of the global problem of excess chemicals and pesticides in agriculture and crops in general. It is a project that has been developed as an ethical business structure with a philosophy of sustainability for the environment.

We are a company focused on designing, developing and manufacturing solutions for pest control, without chemicals or pheromones; as well as incorporate innovative systems compatible with the environment.

Why NATURTRAP is an alternative?

NATURTRAP is a dynamic company that evolves and innovates products capable of satisfying the most demanding needs; giving the best offer in relation quality price that is in the market. The competitiveness of our products makes us able to offer you solutions never seen in the market, making our exclusive products a highly profitable factor as manufacturers of items for pest control and biodegradable.

Our systems and products have been verified in field tests, both in efficiency and durability. They are patented and protected by NATURTRAP. So if you are a distributor and you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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